Sunday, April 27, 2008

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A Forex system is a weapon of a soldier in this market. You must have one as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be like fighting well-armed Forex robbers with a handbag. Best one is a self-made one because you can never feel comfy in borrowed shoes although borrowing good ideas from others is a good idea. Good luck.
One cannot make a dime unless follow the herd or trend most of the time. It is just that one has to be cautious when overbought/oversold region is approaching and know how to turn at inflection point for the opposite trend. Following herd needs average intelligence and courage but identifying inflection points and taking a necessary action needs not only intelligence but also a lot of courage. Again, fortune favors the brave.
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Forex trading can be lucrative for the commited. And we just don't mean for the insane either! It takes great commitment to be able to make money in Forex trading, but it's a highly lucrative field for career technicians. The best place to start is with the basics. Thanks for visiting Superior Investor, and good luck with your Forex Trading Career.
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The Forex market is a nonstop cash market where currencies of nations are traded, typically via brokers called forex brokers. Foreign currencies are constantly and simultaneously bought and sold across local and global markets while traders increase or decrease value of an investment upon currency movements. Foreign exchange market conditions can change at any time in response to real-time events so it is also considered to be a highly volatile and fragile market too. Conditions of the Forex market never remain the same they changes every second.
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Mixed results for Asian automakers

Fri, 25 Apr 2008 07:37:45 EDT
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